About Matriarch Financial

Katie Gatti
Founding Partner & Chief Marketing Officer 

Katie started blogging about money in 2018 after she became interested in personal finance the way most people do—out of necessity. She became obsessed with financial literacy and sharing the information she was learning. Over the next year, she developed a personal finance strategy that tripled her net worth and shot her savings rate up from 19% to 53%.

She believes young women need to feel good about their money—that their careers, relationships, and lives will improve if their finances do. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedom.

In July 2019, Katie partnered with a team that has years of experience in wealth management and financial services to bring individualized personal finance to women from all walks of life. Matriarch Financial empowers women with a personal finance plan so they can take control of their lives, and more importantly, become confident and informed enough to change the lives of generations of women to come.  

When she’s not working with clients, Katie is working in her full-time role on the Southwest Airlines Agile Marketing Team and spending time in the cycle room at Class Studios.

About our models

Our site models were picked because they represent the strong, driven females that Matriarch cultivates through financial education. Their stories are inspiring—so we’d like to share them with you.

Sanam Ghaneeiam

Sanam worked at a traditional marketing agency running full funnel media for a variety of luxury beauty and fashion brands. Her role included top-to-bottom client strategy, managing seven-figure budgets and reporting directly to c-level executives. After having worked two years and noticing the rising indie brands, she co-founded a boutique digital agency, Blosm Brands, catered to growing businesses and entrepreneurs establishing their digital footing.

Claire Moeller

Claire currently works as a Solutions Analyst for Deloitte’s Risk and Financial Advisory team in Dallas, Texas. A recent graduate from The University of Alabama, Claire majored in Spanish and public relations while concurrently completing her master’s degree in communications with a specialization in data analytics. She is passionate about maximizing opportunities – personally or professionally – which is directly aligned with Matriarch’s purpose as well. Claire credits Katie for being a pivotal role in galvanizing her to do more, see more and be more throughout her college career.