Packages & Pricing

Taking care of your money is taking care of yourself — this is financial self-care.

Welcome to judgment-free financial consulting. Our team is comprised of regular people with ample experience in personal finance and building wealth. When you work with Matriarch, you’ll work with someone who has also managed debt, built savings, and navigated investing.

All of our packages include…

Every package comes with one-on-one sessions with a Matriarch Financial expert who will meticulously tailor personal finance recommendations specifically to your lifestyle and actual numbers. Together, we will build a custom plan to meet your goals — whether it’s paying off debt, building up savings, setting a budget, or learning to invest.

Time is money.

Your time is valuable. Unlike other financial resources, we don’t charge you by the hour. Once you purchase a package, we will work with you until the plan is complete.

The Foundational

For those who cringe at the word “budget” and have no idea where their money goes every month—this package sets up the basics and provides enough financial footing to make better decisions. We’ll get you started on the fundamentals like:

  • Making sure you’re prepared for emergencies
  • A budget that suits your goals & lifestyle
  • Working through debt, loans, and credit


The Future

For those who have the basics down but need a little help optimizing their financial lifestyle and building wealth. The Future includes everything from the Foundational, plus:

  • Planning for retirement
  • Getting started on investing
  • Mapping out a plan for your future goals


The Freedom

The most comprehensive plan, it features all of the intense budget planning of The Foundational coupled with the investment education of The Future, and includes advisory services for:

  • Home ownership
  • Buying/leasing a car
  • Couple’s financial counseling (perfect if you’re moving in with your partner or getting married)
  • Starting a family


Credit Card Strategy & Travel Hacking, $150

NEW, by popular demand: This package is intended to serve as an additional layer for clients who purchase and successfully complete one of our full financial plans above, assuming that client has a healthy and responsible history of credit card use and a solid credit score. If you’re interested in purchasing this package, talk to your consultant about whether or not it’s a good fit for you! It includes:

  • A personalized credit card strategy based on your credit history and travel goals, specifying which cards to get in what order
  • Help planning a points-optimized trip when the time comes to teach redemption strategy
  • General credit card techniques with ongoing spend

Matriarch On-Demand

Would you like to receive ongoing consulting after we set the monetary wheels in motion? This add-on option begins as soon as your package’s work concludes and puts your Matriarch consultant on retainer. As your finances, job, or circumstances change over time, you have access to consistent help with a planner who knows you and your financial history. 

For those small questions or big recommendations, Matriarch On-Demand is a great option for ongoing help. 

Great for those who feel their current situation may change within 6-18 months. 


Your card will be charged monthly for $19.

Still feeling unsure?

Your first consultation is free. If you’d like to talk to someone about your situation to determine which package is right for you, set up an appointment now! Or you can take our quiz to quickly see which package best suits your needs. Got something else on your mind? Check out our FAQs!