Services & Offerings

Services & Offerings

Taking care of your money is taking care of yourself — this is financial self-care.

Welcome to judgment-free financial consulting. Our team is comprised of regular people with a lot of experience in personal finance and building wealth—no finance bros in sight. When you work with Matriarch, you’ll work with someone who has also struggled with debt, building savings, and trial-and-erroring their way through budgeting and investing. 

We know how to start from the ground up because we’ve done it ourselves—and we’re excited to do it for you, too. 

One-on-one consulting

Personalized consulting about your situation, no matter where you are on the finance knowledge spectrum. You’ll walk away with a comprehensive plan for spending, saving, investing and paying off debt. 

Groups, organizations & clubs

Coming soon in 2020—group sessions for larger organizations. 

Online courses

Coming soon in 2020—curriculum and coursework for self-directed learning.

Matriarch Financial offers the following one-on-one consulting services.


• Budgeting

• Debt, loans, and credit

• Rainy day fund

Saving & Investing

• Retirement

• Planning for a family

• Investing basics

Big Purchases

• Home ownership

• Buying/leasing a car

• Negotiations

Which package is right for you?

Handling her inheritance with Matriarch

“Along came [Matriarch Financial], who broke it down into manageable pieces (while also making me feel really good about myself) and I started to finally feel in control of the scary but awesome gift I’d been given.  

We made a reasonable and feasible budget together, something I’d never done before, and set up an account that would list exactly where all of my money was and how much it was growing. It was empowering to be given the tools to take control of my financial situation.” 

Sophie, 24