What our clients are saying about working with Matriarch Financial:


24 | Fort Worth, Texas

“Matriarch Financial helped me prioritize my spending and stay on budget. As a 20-something, I know I need to be saving and investing, but it never felt like the right time to start. Katie was able to breakdown my fixed expenses, help me increase my savings while leaving plenty of room for fun money.  

Matriarch opened my eyes on ways to enjoy my money while protecting my future. I knew I needed to make changes—but didn’t know where to begin. I used to believe I had it figured out (because I have no debt), but I quickly learned long-term investments and a solid savings plan is essential for creating the future I’ve always wanted. We have many steps left in our plan but starting the process and knowing someone will hold my hand through it all has been the anxiety relief I desperately needed.” 


24 | Louisville, KY

“I have always been pretty savvy when it comes to saving, but I was really looking to level up when it comes to actually making my money work for me. I had followed Katie Gatti for a while and really wanted to learn more about investing, high-yield savings accounts, and more about what my retirement plan looked like. I was shocked to find how easy it was to talk about this stuff as well as how much I find myself watching my stocks, savings and retirement grow. I’m so thankful that I spent the money to work with Matriarch & Katie!”   


24 | Washington, D.C.

“Matriarch Financial gave me the opportunity to connect with kind, enthusiastic, and mindful people to walk with me through my financial journey! The first step in Matriarch’s process was to get to know me and my specific goals, then work on a budget that reflects that.   

I am currently in the midst of planning a wedding, attempting to move across the country, and plan for my future… Katie helped me break it all down in an achievable way and introduced easy-to-use resources to help with the process. The team’s enthusiasm to help others to prepare for their futures is unmatched, and I know I made the best decision to work with them!”   

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